About us

To operate in truck sector, established in 1992 Ankara, Osmanlı Otomotiv has taken over the sales and distribution of proven quality products worldwide exclusive manufacturer of Turkey. It has always been at the forefront of customer satisfaction and product quality by determining the range of products according to customers’ needs and it hasn’t compromised the principle of “the best quality, the fastest delivery”.

Our company has moved its headquarters to Istanbul. Moreover with the establishment of the company “Osmanlı Dış Ticaret” and “Expert Automotive”, it has changed its name as “Osmanlı Group” and then it has started to make a name with its productivity. It serves its domestic and foreign customers only for now in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Konya stores and storages.

Since 2010 Osmanlı Group has begun to expert its products with brand of “Truck Expert”, it has became a challenger with global brands by widening its branches. It continuous without breaking surely on its way and principles thanks to production demand from abroad has been produced in Turkey as providing an important value added to the national economy.

Following the technology closely to make timely and accurate delivery to its customers by controlling business processes of finance, human resourches, accounting, sales, purchasing, logistics and production departments on the system of ERP. Furthermore Osmanlı Otomotiv providing its customers with faster service thanks to the system of B2B which has been started to work entegrated with ERP at the year of 2017.

Additionally our company has targetted serving better to its domestic and foreign customers with the end of our new warehouse construction that plannned to be completed by the end of 2021 in Konya, are constructed on 11000 m² closed area with 20000 m² totally, our company will have expanded its product range at the end of these constructions.

Wish to work together for many years…

Quality Production <br>Understanding
Quality Production
Timely Delivery <br>Guarantee
Timely Delivery
Affordable Price <br>Policy
Affordable Price

Our vision is to grow with our employees, our suppliers and our customers; integrating with Turkey has become a built-in power with a voice in the international arena and also to rule law and moral law with an emphasis on profitability and productivity is to be a business environment and nature, considering R&D process that improve its own and its products.


Our mission is customer satisfaction without compromising the quality of products and services is to contribute positively to the forefront of keeping society and the environment. Furthermore it is to serve the goals with the achievements of the activities to a wider audience every day raising continues as a leading company that itself the aim is to its comperehensive.


Our Quality Policy

in the sector of automotive spare parts industry, the needed qualification and quality for customer satisfaction,supply, sale and producing  with a business approach based on trust

To ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level by meeting customer demands and expectations at all stages from the ordering stage to the delivery of the product to the end user,

To continuously improve and develop our quality management system together with our customers, suppliers and employees,

To meet all legal requirements within the framework of applicable laws and regulations,

It is committed to being a reliable leading organization in its sector with its product and service quality.



Trust, Technology

The role of information Technologies in the global competition has come to a point can not be discussed. In this context, our company continuous to follow very strict technological developments.

Our company is happy always better serve to its customers thanks to the ERP software that enlightens all business process from human resources to supply chain; from production to finance.

Osmanlı otomotiv dedicates to providing seervices to meet the needs of customers that is planning, applying, transporting, storing and controlling of any kind of product duty and information flow.


The System of Storage Managed by ERP

Uninterrupted and quality service means abundant product range in sector of trucks and spare parts. Our company maintains to keep going our product range with critical stock alert system by real time inventory controls to keep customer satisfaction in the extreme.

Our company succesfully carries on convassing, labeling, barcoding and packing processes that each one is controlled by our expert staff thanks to its technological infrastructure, the system of advanced storage and shelving.

Osmanlı Otomotiv is in the effort provide better services to our customers every time with internal education which performes with fast and true shipping policy according to market demand.


Quality Service, Smiles Every Time

Our company believes that the most important element of a sustainable commercial success is high levels of customer satisfaction. The secret of success in customer satisfaction is quality products and an effective after-sales policy. Therefore our company always acts with thinking structure of customer-oriented according to the quality and friendly service policy.

It is one of the most important principles for Osmanlı Otomotiv that the companies which cooperate with us are not only customer or suppliers, they are all of a partner for Osmanlı Otomotiv.


Unlimited Service To Numerous Countries

Our policy is a timely and safe delivery of the shipment to markets both domestic and abroad. Our distribution network is growing every day thanks to our customers. The delivery process is a delicate matter for products delivered to our customers adress are followed meticulously by our expert staff.