We are taking new steps for better quality service to our Beloved customers.
We will open our new factory in a very short time, in the 5th Organized Industrial Zone of Konya on an area of 17.000 m², with 8.000 m² of warehouse, 5.200 m² of production and 2.000 m² of Administrative buildings.
Thanks to the advantage of the size of our factory, we will carry the Production and Storage capacity to higher levels. With the huge warehouse area of 8.000 m², we will improve our Shipping and Service size. 
We will reflect the advantages of the 5.200 m² production area to our valued customers in the best way possible.
We have started the countdown to provide the best, newest and highest quality service in our own place. 
We look forward to the day when we will start to serve our Esteemed Customers in our new place with excitement...